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Roger Corpas


I am having problems publishing a course for LMS (SCORM 1.2) with a title of 54 characters. I know it is the number of characters because I have published the course with a longer title each time. The course fails to create the manifest files and the html files.

Am I missing something? Can you make any recommendations?

Thank you


Roger Corpas

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I am publishing in French but none of the words have accents. I was able to publish with a dash in the title so this special character is ruled out. I have not tried using any other characters.

As for location, everything is in my hard drive...desktop of my computer.

I literally published with 3 or 4 characters less and it works well. Once I add the extra spaces, the publishing does not work.

Roger Corpas

Hello Peter,

I imported my story file into a new project and got it to publish with no problem.

However, when I added the resources I have prepared for learners the same problem returned. Just in case, I published the course successfully right before adding the resources.   

To make things even more weird, I just went and published the course with a shorter title...and it worked.

Is this something you can reproduce?

Any suggestions?

Is there a way to changes the title of the course once it is published? The manifest is a no brainer but would you happen to know where else?

Thanks again

Peter Anderson

Hi Roger, 

Are you able to share your .story file with us? We'd be really interested in testing it on our end to see why you're experiencing these issues. You can upload the file on the second page of this link, and any resources you share with us are always kept strictly confidential. 

Thanks, Roger!