Chat-GPT and Articulate, can be used together, to create a unique experience in content creation

May 19, 2023

Using Chat-gpt, Articulate users can create courses which are more engaging, interactive, and visual, with the use of AI and natural language processing. This would make it easier to build courses in a faster and more efficient way, as the AI could identify the structure and content of the course and provide suggestions and ideas for creating a more engaging course.

Articulate would also employ Chat-GPT to allow users to create customised courses, with personalised content. This would give users more control over the content of their courses, as well as the ability to create more personalised and engaging courses.

Articulate can also use Chat-GPT to create more interactive and engaging lessons, by allowing users to ask questions, get feedback and have conversations with the AI. This could help users to better understand concepts and create courses which are more engaging and interactive.

Finally, Articulate could use Chat-GPT to create quizzes and assessments, which could be used to test knowledge and understanding of the course material. The AI could be used to create multiple choice questions and generate feedback, based on the user’s answers. This would be a great way to ensure that users are engaging with the course material and understanding the concepts.

Overall, Articulate can use Chat-gpt to create more engaging and interactive courses, which are tailored to the needs of the user. This would help to create courses which are more engaging and effective, as well as ensure that the user is engaging with the course material and understanding the concepts.

For Articulate to remain a competitive and leading player in the industry, it must provide an API for Chat-GPT to access and allow for the construction of more sophisticated and adaptive courses. This API could initially enable developers to build courses with dynamic structure, content, and questions. Developers would be able to use the API to create scenes, slides, layers, buttons, basic content for prototyping or at least enable to import tabulated Word documents to convert them into complete Storyline projects.

Having an API for Chat-GPT would allow Articulate to remain competitive and ensure that it remains a leading player in the industry. It would also allow developers to create more interactive and adaptive courses that are tailored to each user's needs. This could be a major advantage for Articulate, as it would help to differentiate them from other providers in the industry and provide a greater range of services to their customers.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Viktoria!

I appreciate you reaching out! Since we don't have AI functionality on our Feature Roadmap yet, I don't have any updates to share at this time.

However, you are in the right place for any news, and subscribing to this thread will keep you notified if we add AI features to the roadmap in the future.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a related thread where other users discuss techniques for implementing AI/ChatGPT when authoring in Storyline 360.

Have a great rest of your week!

Eric Barns

Hi Viktoria

It's not a new feature, its more significant than that, as most things are now with generative AI (Adobe, Microsoft) integration, its a major upgrade to eLearning authoring providers offering. No doubt your System Arch and Senior Management are discussing how to do this, as is every corporate company globally and those that move first will have the advantage. 

eLearning specialist and developers can already use Chat-GPT using JavaScript API (loose definition) within Storyline 360, but this will need to be built into content development (images, text, voice overs, video, assessments creation and validation) as standard and then Feature Road Map could include these requirements for next year, Ai prompt engine that will build the framework of eLearning content based on descriptions of the course goals, it LO's and additional info from the TNA.

Have good weekend.

Eric Barns

No, it shows you that even ZeroGPT gets it wrong and i defo would no rely on it as you have. Its just a tool for our times, like anything else, in the wrong hands, its produces questionable outcomes, but in the hands of craftsman, it can improve the final outcome and leave more time to be creative, than production. MicroSoft Bing, Google, IBM, Adobe and so many more cant be all wrong to provide this in their products as a tool or can they?

Phil Mayor

For most companies I suspect an API for CahtGPT maybe a security risk. Samsung has already had a data breach using Chat GPT. I am watching the space closely and understand that an enterprise level version of ChatGPT is in the works where you can control what happens with the data you give it. Exciting times, but a real risk that all content will start to look and feel the same.

Eric Barns

From a security point of view, it will need to be monitored just like any other request/response for code injection or malicious content, probably more so in general use cases in case of nefarious instruction. Articulate could include it for image, structure creation and quizzes, if mediating text responses proposes a threat (but AI could be adapted to sniff out harmful injection of text content) . I am not Chat-GTP advocate per-se, it Just useful AI is here, its software & data and can be simply incorporated into most software.  It certainly should be in 'Featured List' and considerable resources should be focussed on its adoption, rather than not!  I worked in Education, Public Office, Corporate and Finance, i have seen a huge amount of learning content that is the same and this tool in the right hands provides help, suggestion and even ideas, we need to embrace and master it, before it does that for us! (sorry that's dark)