Storyline 2 Behavior: Check box state does not change from Disabled to Selected

Oct 10, 2016


Here is what happens:

A checkbox is initially in a Hidden state. Once a trigger is fired (Disabled button in this demo), the state of the checkbox changes to Disabled. So far so good. Next trigger (Selected button) should change the checkbox to Selected state while keeping it disabled. This does not happen. 


I was able to workaround it by going through a normal state, so Hidden-Disabled-Normal-Selected.


Cheers, Oleg

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Oleg Miroshensky

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for looking into it. I guess I had not explained it well. So I attached a new story file. It is about the checkboxes not the buttons. Here is another example.  The main thing I described is that the State of the checkbox2 does not change from Disabled to Selected

Things get even buggier here.

New side effects:  the second checkbox text changes states when one clicks on it. There is no trigger causing it.  Also the Next button on layer 1 does not work.

Thanks, Oleg

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Oleg,

Since the "selected" state is designed to behave a certain way based on a user click or interaction, that's why you'll see it changing when you click on it. As I advised, using custom states would allow you to control the way these things behave vs. how the built in states behave.

Also, the initial state of your checkbox button is set to "hidden" not disabled. If you used the state of "disabled" vs. the hidden state it'll work as you have set up and designed.

Oleg Miroshensky

Hi Ashley,

I tried Custom state by copying and renaming the Selected state but it did not work for me. For my purposes I needed a checkbox to go from Hidden to Selected Disabled without user interaction and based on triggers. Other than drawing a checkbox of my own, the only way I found so far is to go Hidden-Normal-Selected-Disabled.

Thanks for helping me investigate!


Cheers, Oleg

Caesar Aycocho

I upgraded to version 11 (SL2) recently.

I am having a problem with text states as well.  

Its a simple trigger.

Text box initial state is hidden (it seems that this was not applied because the color of the text box did not change). Text box animation is fly-in by paragraph from right side. It will change the state of the text box to normal when the animation completes of text box line motion.

This is what happens:

-text box appears at the start of the line motion animation

-text box animation is intermittent, ie shows the whole text once or animation starts at the 2nd paragraph

I have tried several times to troubleshoot the problem but not success.

I am considering going back to update 10. But I dont want to do this.

Can you help me understand why this is happening?

Thank you.


Crystal Horn

Hello, Caesar!  We are aware of an issue where having an object animate by paragraph, it overrides the initial hidden state.  This behavior happens when there is a trigger to change the state of that object.  I'll add your experience to our report with the QA team, and when we have some updates to share, we'll be able to do so in this discussion.

I did some testing and was able to confirm that the object remains hidden if you animate it as one object, instead of by paragraph, and that to show the animation of the hidden object, there needs to be a trigger (other than "when animation completes) to change the state of the object.  The animation will begin when the object is no longer hidden.

Additionally, it looks like this behavior occurred in Update 10 as well, so I wouldn't recommend reverting to that version.  Many times, it is not favorable to revert to a previous version for a single functionality since latest versions often fix multiple issues and provide additional supports.

We'll share here with more info as soon as we can!

CV Sankars

Hi Crystal,

I encountered a similar kind of dilemma. I used checkboxes for the user to select groceries. When the checkbox is "selected", the item is "visible" in the cart - That's great.

However, if the user clicks the checkbox again, it appears "unchecked" (I'm assuming this is the initial "normal" state).

"Unchecked" for my purposes should render the item back to its initial "hidden" state based on the triggers I set up.

This is however not happening... I'm sharing my example

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks CV for sharing the file here. I didn't see a trigger to return the cart items back to the original state of hidden - unless it was something you implemented as a part of your Javascript? 

Changing the state of the checkbox doesn't have a direct impact on the state of your cart items, you'd have to include that as a trigger. For example, I had to add the highlighted trigger to one item to make it work as expected:


So you'll want to look at doing that for all the other items and ensure they have triggers to adjust it from normal and back to hidden based on the state of their associated text boxes. 

CV Sankars

Hello Ashley,

Here's my new and improved version of groceryinterface

I tied most of my variables in the check out layer to the submit button on the player. What I'd really like to do is disable the submit button once the user has clicked and is on the checkout layer. As is, clicking the submit button (repeatedly) keeps increasing the values of the variables.

Any suggestions? Pausing and resuming the timeline between layers? This is addictive.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Candice,

It looks like you shared only a link to the published output here - but I took a look and it was looking great. I can honestly say I wouldn't have thought to click on the submit button again once on your new layer showing the price/variables but maybe that's just me. 

You could look at using your own custom submit button on the slide itself. That way you could choose to hide it on the individual layers and no one would be able to click it again to adjust those variables. 

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