Checkbox to change state of other buttons - reversing

May 21, 2018

Hello! I have a number of navigation buttons that I want to be in 'normal' state unless a checkbox is checked. When they check the box, all but one are disabled.

To these, I added the trigger 'change state of (me) to disabled when the state of Check Box 1 is Selected'.

I didn't think this would work, as there's no 'event' there - this isn't happening as the page loads or anything. But it does! You check the checkbox, all the required buttons switch to state Disabled. Fab!

So, the reverse... I add 'change state of (me) to normal when the state of Check Box 1 is normal'.

Nope. No such luck in that direction!

Can anyone help? I'd like users to be able to switch the buttons back on if they checked the checkbox by mistake...

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