Check Marks, Triggers, and Visited Page

Jan 06, 2016

Good Day!

I am in need of assistance. I am learning S2; however, I am comfortable navigating around the application.

 I have tried many avenues, triggers, condition codes, reviewing the forum etc., I cannot get things to work like I want them to nor I am not able to find what I need.

I am working on a project that requires the learner interaction.

I have a base layer with two addition layers. The base layer has to logo's that require the learner to click on each logo and take them to the perspective layer. Once reviewing the layer, it will automatically take the learner back to the base layer, so they can click on the next logo (there is no order on which logo is clicked first).

 In the meantime, the logo they clicked on previously has a check mark. However, when the information on the page for the next logo they clicked on will automatically direct the learner to the base layer showing a check mark. Unfortunately, when the learner returns to the base layer after reviewing both layers, there only one check mark that appears on the recent reviewed information. I want to be able to show both check marks once the information has been viewed on a different layer. Then once there are two check marks, that indicate to the learner they have completed the required information. Upon having two check marks, I want the next button to become available.  

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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ashraf Akbar

Hi Jeannie

First of all, you should use the default visited states and add your check mark on that state. In this way, you can add triggers to show layer when clicked that logo and the storyline will change the state of that logo automatically to visited. You will be able to see both check marks when returning back to the base layer. 

For next button, add a trigger in the beginning to hide the next button (change the state of the next button to hidden when timeline starts) . Afterwards, add another trigger (change the state of next button to normal when state of all logos is visited).

 Let me know if it works for you 

Good luck

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeannie -- From the sound of it, I believe Ashraf's suggestion should work nicely for you, but if you would like for others in the community to take a look to chime in with some their ideas as well, you are encouraged to share your file here! Simply use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse for your file from there. 

Also, in case you weren't aware, we have a design-related forum called Building Better Courses and that is another great resource for lots of suggestions, tips and tricks! :)

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