Checkbox validation before submitting - urgently need help


I have built a test and had to use variables assigned for scoring and branching reasons.

One some pages I have used checkboxs for response. There may be 8 check boxes used and the learners need to check 3 choices.

How do I stop them from moving forward if they do nox select the minimum choice (3)?

I tried a variable condition for score, but that did not work as they can get a zero if they make the wrong choice.


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Phil Mayor

On the submit button add trigger to add one to a variable for each checkbox that is selected.

Set a trigger to only jump on condition that that variable is equal to or greater than 3

Show a layer if less than three that says you must select at least 3.

Ensure your first trigger resets the variable to 0, so it doest give a cumulative score

Phil Mayor

You nearly had it,  I have changed your trigger order so the jump to slide is after the triggers adding 1 to the variables.

I have also added a trigger to reset the variable to 0 when you first click the submit button, this will ensure the button can be pressed as many times as you want and it will not keep adding again and again

Nice try