Checking for possibilities in Articulate 360.

Jan 21, 2017


I just wanted to know if it is possible to do the following in Articulate 360:

1. The learner should be allowed to reattempt incorrect questions in an assessment if they have reached a pre-determined threshold. For example, if they achieved 8/10, they may be allowed to reattempt the two incorrect questions rather than the assessment.

2. Support users with low vision by allowing the font size to be maximised.

3. If audio or video is used in the module, controls should be made available to pause, play, stop, mute, increase/decrease volume.

4. Create a custom volume control.

If these are possible please provide the links to each item listed above from where I can resource the information.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Sajna!  Let's see what I can dig out for you...  First, here's the User Guide for Storyline 360. It'll give you the best foundation for using all the cool features it has to offer.  You might be interested in this one concerning which features to include on the Player, or this one on adjusting video properties.

You can use the quiz score variables and triggers to determine whether your user can reattempt quiz questions; you'll have to get creative based upon your layout, but if you are willing to share what you've started so far, you'll get some great feedback from the community!

Sajna Thomas

Thank you Crystal. I will take a look into the links you have shared.

I was trying my hands on the quiz. There was a video shared long back by Jeannette that helped me be able to get back only to the wrongly answered questions but I am not able to make it happen only once the min marks is obtained. 

If the score is less than the pass score, the user should take the entire quiz, on the other hand if the score is equal to the pass score, the user should be able to go back only to the wrongly answered questions.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello Sajna!

Here is Jeanette's video which explains how to set up a quiz so that a learner will see only incorrectly-answered questions when retying the quiz. Is this the method you used? Can you tell us a bit more about why this method isn't working for you?

It might be helpful if we could take a look at your file to see what you've got set up so far. Would you mind sharing it with us here?

Sajna Thomas

Hi Alyssa,

Jeanette's video helped me go back to the wrongly answered questions on clicking Retry, but now I need that to happen based on some conditions.. For example, see the situation below

Situation 1

if marks is 10/30
- user fails
- user retakes the entire quiz

Situation 2

if marks is 20/30
- user passes
- user should retake only the wrongly answered Qs

Situation 3

if marks is 30/30
- user passes
- Retry button is off

In the above, I am stuck with situation 2.



Alyssa Gomez

Hm, that certainly does add a twist. You can easily accomplish situation 3 by moving the Retry button to the failure layer. That way, the learner will only see the Retry button if they fail the quiz, but not if they pass.

You might be able to accomplish both situations 1 and 2 with a complex system of variables, and I'll defer to the community on their ideas for that. Perhaps you could share your file here, even if it's a scaled-down version, so folks can see exactly what you've got set up so far.

Sajna Thomas

Hi Alyssa,

I have attached the file in which I am experimenting it. In the file you will find 2 scenes - Assessment and Assessment-2. 

Assessment scene - Here, I tried going back to only the  wrongly answered Qs on Retry, which works fine.

Assessment-2 scene - Here is where I am trying to make all the situations work. As of now:

- when I answer all correct, retry button is not available,  (which is correct)

- when I answer all incorrect, retry allows you to retake entire quiz (which is correct)

- when I answer Qs that suffice the threshold point in this case 20/30, on retry, it forces the learner to take all Qs rather then only the incorrect Q. (issue )



Miranda Dorosz

Hi Sanja, 

I looked at and messed around a bit with your file. The main culprit behind it not working correctly was that the Ass2Q# variables were set to switch back to false when the Failure layer on the results slide started. I deleted all those triggers and it worked. 

However, I also noticed that the Ass2Q# variables were set to switch to true when the user clicked on the correct radio button. This means that if they click on that button and then change their mind and click on another one before clicking Submit, the question will be marked as 'correct' when they go back through it. 

To fix this, simply set the variable to change to true when the user clicks the submit button if Radio Button #'s state is equal to Selected. Make sure in the trigger window that you move the "Submit interaction" trigger to underneath the "Set Ass2Q#" trigger. This will make sure that the variable changes before the slide moves on.

I'm attaching the same file you supplied earlier, but with an extra scene. Scene 3 is the exact same as 2, just with the modifications I talked about above. I also currently have a text box on the slide master that shows you the Ass2Q# variables so you can see when they trigger through the lesson. You can delete or change that text box to hidden. It was very useful when I was trying to figure out what was wrong!

Hope this helps!


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