Choices when the user clicks the Next button

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about these 3 actions when the user clicks the Next button:  jump to next slide, jump to a slide that you specify, and jump to a scene.

I generally specify the specific slide  to jump to because back in the days of Storyline 1, it was not uncommon for Storyline to jump to the wrong slide in a big project if jump to next slide was chosen.

So, my question is, what are the reasons and best practices for using each of those 3 choices when the user clicks the Next button?

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Walt Hamilton

I find that when I click, I tend to click on the move. So when I started working with SL, I had a lot of accidents. I'd try to click on a slide in story view to work on it, but frequently was moving the mouse while clicking. That little twitch reorganized the slide order, so I adopted the practice of jumping to a slide name. Maybe I should slow down. :)