Chrome blocking http:// content eff JAN 2021

Dec 22, 2020

Per our LMS provider (Docebo) I understand starting January 2021, Chrome will start blocking http:// content on https:// pages.

I understand I can go into CTRL SHIFT J "web developer tool" mode to check if anything is non-compliant, but that could take forever to audit.


Since most of our content is either RISE or Storyline, is there an Articulate resource you can point me to help figure out if any of our courses have an issue?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Karen,

Rise 360 requires https for embedded content, so you should not run into an issue there.

Rise 360: Embedded Web Content Is Missing or Blank

Storyline 360 does not have this same requirement, so it could happen if you have web objects added to your course. However, mixed media typically does not work as expected once published.

Also, if you published your Storyline courses to Review 360 for stakeholder reviews, you would've been alerted to any http web objects (they would have appeared missing) because Review 360 requires https embedded content.