Chrome Updates

Over the past 16 days, users of my company's LMS have been having issues with completing modules.  While some of these modules do require them to "allow" flash, it seems like the HTML5 modules are freezing or requiring multiple refreshes to report a completed status.  

I am using Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 and am experiencing the same in our testing environment. 

Does anyone know what the latest Chrome update did to impact the performance of these modules? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Michael. Thanks for reaching out. We have some issues with resuming or reviewing slides in question banks which are causing crashing behavior. We also have an issue listed with the course completion trigger (used if you aren't tracking a quiz results slide or the number of slides viewed).

Could we have a look at one of the problematic files to determine if your setup matches a bug we have listed? You have Articulate 360 for Teams, so that puts in a good position to get priority support. We'll be happy to help!

Michael Law

Crystal, 'thanks for the quick response.  I discovered that the file was published in Storyline 360 earlier this year (Feb.) prior to several updates.  I have the latest updates on my machine and have republished the file. 
I can have several test users go through the file on several browsers to see if the issue still exists.  I'll check back in here when I find out more details.