Close uneeded application message

Oct 04, 2013

Hi all!

I am getting the following message pop up every time I try to open the Player.

It started happening after I cancelled a Publish.

Anyone had this before and know how to resolve? I've closed everything down on my laptop, saved and closed the Storyline project and re-opened, still the same thing happens.

It's also not publishing properly - no files in created published folders.

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Louise Ward

Sorry for the long delay!

Yes I do have a logo in my project...

I resolve the issue now by holding down Ctrl, Alt, Delete, locating the 'Processes' tab and ending all unnecessary programs that are running and taking up memory on my machine. I also close my Storyline project when the memory reaches about 400K and open it back up again. This is due to the fact that Storyline eats a lot of memory when it's running for a long time. Also, my machine is 2 years old now... time to invest in more memory, or maybe a new laptop!

In the meantime, my work arounds seem to work fine!


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