Closed Caption file conversion - XML to anything Storyline recognizes

Dec 09, 2019

I am currently converting our entire library of FLASH elearning (over 200 shows) to HTML, (mostly using Storyline unless the show needs full screen video, then a different software is needed).  I am finding it frustrating that I can not find a converter for the closed caption files I used in FLASH, to something that Storyline will recognize. 

In FLASH the CC files were .xml and now I have been creating by hand a VTT file for Storyline. This process is tidious and lengthy. I just did three 20 minute videos and took the better part of a day. I have many more ahead of me.  Does anyone know of a converter that will take a .xml and turn it into ANY format that Storyline will recognize for its closed caption file?

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Joe Shultheis

Yes I saw the files that SL can accept. I also tried the link you provided. It would not accept the .xml we have used successfully for captions in FLASH. It said not a recognized file, so .xml files can not be converted through that service.  They did offer to work on it for a fee. As a government employee it would take way too long to maybe get funding.  Thanks though. I was hoping for a free service. There are many pay for service providers who will do it.

Joe Shultheis

I thank you for the possible solution, however, our FLASH .xml files look nothing like yours. It would take about as long to create that format of an .xml as it would to create a .vtt or .sub from scratch using our styled .xml (cut and paste).  Unless you know of a converter from our formatted .xml to yours which will then work with the online converter you recommended that I am concerned will cost money, phew.  I am including the .xml file format we successfully used in FLASH for your reference Seth.  Again, thanks for the effort.  (I am faced with such a nightmare waste of time considering I have hundreds of .xmls to convert)

Seth Ozen

Joe, there's nothing wrong with your xml file and the site I directed you earlier converts it to a format SL recognizes. In your sample file, there's a music tag from 00 to 23 secs, that's why you're not seeing anything until 23 time mark. I was able to import your file and display subs. As for paying for it, I feel your pain. Google for free solutions is all I can say. Good luck.

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