closed captioning for a video object in Storyline 2


I have a course opening page that contains a video (.mp4 file). When I insert it into a Storyline slide an inaccessible video player gets attached.

Is there any way to insert one of the free accessible players into this slide to replace the inaccessible player option?

If not, what is another option for creating closed captioning for the video object?




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Katarina  Derek

Hello Ankit!

Storyline does not really provide a good way to handle closed captioning. I am planning to use Steve Flowers' solution for most of my pages as it seems to be the most elegant I found on the forum. However, I cannot use it for the slides in which I've inserted the video since there is no audio attached to the slide.

I have attached the .story file. Thank you for taking the time to review it.


Chris Cole

Hi Katarina - are you talking about slide 1.3? You should still be able to use the cc solution - if you turn off the video controls on the MP4 video, then the video will be controlled by Storyline's playbar and you can synch up the cc boxes to the video in the timeline just like you would synch to an audio file.

Hope this helps.