Closed Captioning in Storyline

Sep 11, 2019

I need to use closed captions in my WBT training.  I am currently using the Text-to-Speech option, and the computer generated voice, so the text is already there.   How do I get that to show up as closed captions?  Do you have to type in the closed captions separately for every page?   Or, is there a way to get it to recognize the text that is already there?

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Wendy Farmer
Janet Nesseth

How do I get that to show up as closed captions? 

Hi Janet

In the TTS screen select Generate Closed Captions

This will automatically create this variable in the list

Then on each slide that has the captions set a trigger:

Adjust variable Player.DisplayCaptions to True when timeline starts.

That trigger means the captions will automatically display and the user can click the CC button on the player to toggle them off and on.

Hope that helps

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