Closed Captions from Articulate won't display in iSpring Learn LMS

Feb 06, 2020

Hi. This is a two-part question, both things having to do with displaying closed captions. First question in regard to Articulate Storyline:  We subscribed to use the iSpring Learn platform as our LMS about a year and a half ago. If I create a video embedded with closed captions in Articulate Storyline, it will not display the closed captions in iSpring. I know that I am using the CC correctly in Articulate, as I have used it at previous employers. Is there something I am missing when I am Publishing the file? The normal way I do this is to Export/Export Type LMS and then I need to zip the file so it can be uploaded as a zip course to the LMS.  Second part:  When I am building a course in Articulate Rise and import a video that I create in Camtasia version 19 with closed captions, the captions won't display with the Rise course either. Any suggestions? I reached out to iSpring and their solution was to embed some code into a PPT - but I don't use PPTs as the course foundation anymore, only Articulate Storyline or Rise, or straight video demonstrations made with Camtasia. We may end up having to switch our platform for the LMS.  Our company is young, and we did not have an LMS, so this was an inexpensive way to get started.  I appreciate the help, thanks.

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Brian Liddell

Never mind, I figured it out.  I take my videos from Camtasia and place them Storyline and add the closed captions there.  Ensure that the player is set for closed captions.  Then, publish to Review 360.  Open my Rise course and add a new block from the Interactive bookmark and select add a Storyline 360 Interaction from  Review 360 and select the course you just published there.  Insert it.  Now do a normal publish/export for LMS /SCORM.  Once loaded into iSpring Learn, the viewer can click on the CC button to have closed captions.  

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