closed captions not appearing


I have loaded a mp4 video into my project, and have typed out captions via "Add Captions" button.  I then clicked save and exit, and when previewing, the captions do not appear.  

I have also exported the captions and saved in .vtt format and tried to import them after loading a new video...and no luck with that either.

Any thing i can do to fix this and make the captions appear?



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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Tess!

Ah, that’s no good–I'd love to help! I went through the steps you took on the latest version of Storyline 360 where I was able to see the Closed Captions during Preview–here's a quick Peek of my testing.

Can you help me with a few more questions?

  • What version of Storyline are you using? Click on the Help tab > About Storyline to find this detail.
  • Do the Closed Captions disappear when the video is paused, or they do not appear when clicking on the Closed Captioning Button?

Classic Player Classic Player

Modern Player Modern Player

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Caro,

It looks like you are using Storyline 360, so I wanted to share a bit more about what Wendy has shared above with links to the tutorials.

If the closed captioning button is enabled on your course player, learners can toggle captions on and off whenever they want. However, you can also control captions via triggers. Click here for details.