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Meg Storey

Thank you for your help.  I have selected the Captions box under Controls in the Player for the course.  In the player, it appears that it is activated based on the view in the player, but when I preview and publish the course, the captions are not available.  I have not set up any triggers, but I didn't remember having to do that when I used captions in other courses?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Meg,

If you've already checked that the CC icon is enabled in the player and that those slides have audio, and you're still having trouble, it would help to take a look at the .story file in question! 

Are you able to share a copy of your file with us? If so, you can upload at this link using the Add Attachment button or you always have an option to share privately with our Support Engineers. Either way, we'll delete it when done testing. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Gina!

Thank you so much for sharing your file! In Text-to-Speech, you'll need to check the box next to Generate Closed Captions. After making this change, the CC button appears on the Player. Here's a quick demo to see this change in action.

We are now using Storyline 360 Update 43 (Build 3.43.22859.0). Make sure to keep the Articulate 360 Desktop app up to date to receive the newest features and bug fixes!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Shaza!

I'm happy to help figure out a fix! 

It sounds like you've already added the closed captioning on the player, but the captions aren't showing up in Preview.  Have you created closed captioning for all the media in your course, or do only some media have closed captioning?

The closed captions will only appear if you've added captions for the media on the slide. If you're using text-to-speech as the media, there is a button to generate closed captions. This is what it looks like. 

If you'd like to share your file, I'm happy to take a look. Either attach it to this discussion or upload it to me privately!

Shaza Abdol-Hamid

Hi, so I used my own voice on one project and text to speech on another. I saw your example on how to input text to speech, but I cannot input in the text to speech captions as It has been uploaded, and to redo all will take forever. Is there another way?
Here are my two projects:

Self care-

First Aid

Thanks so much!