Closed Captions re-appears when we click on video seekbar

May 18, 2015


I have this video with CC option, which has the functionality of show/hide using 2 layers(one with CC base layer and one without CC slide-layer).  Initially, when the timeline starts i show the layer without CC and a CC button to enable it(which redirects to base layer). Now the problem is when i click/drag the video SEEKBAR from slide layer(one without CC) it takes me to base layer and automatically enables the CC. but i don't want this to happen.

Is there any way to control what happens when Clicking/Dragging the SEEKBAR !!!??

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joshua,

Have you enabled seeking on the layer and on the base layer? If you're seeking back to the beginning of the timeline and the layer and base layer are only seeking based on the base layer set up,  it sounds like it's working as expected to bring you back to the beginning and show the other layer based on the triggers? Could you set the layer to allow seeking within the layer only so that they could rewind the captions? Without seeing the rest of your set up I'm not certain how this will impact your videos. 

If you're using Storyline 2, you could also enabled the seekbar to be read only. 

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