Closed captions & text to speech

Jun 21, 2019

We are working very hard to translate Articulate Storyline modules. Our current state is we will export our modules and send any video scripts with audio timestamps along with them to be translated. Upon return, we then use text- to-speech, mute the original audio, and move the audio to the correct time stamp in the video. This takes thousands of hours per year to do. We also must remove the video controls because the text-t0-speech is tied to the timeline. Closed captions are great because they are tied to the original audio and allow the user to advance the video without messing up the timing of the text to speech. In a perfect world, we would be able to add closed captions to the English versions of the videos. We could export for translations. We could import the translations with a column for the different voices per region. It would require the opposite of what we have today. Text-to-speech would be an option in captions instead of the captions ticker within text-to-speech. Is there any way way could make this happen along with not having to export captions individually per video?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

It sounds like adding the Closed captions as a part of the standard translation process would meet your needs?  I know a few other users have mentioned that it would be helpful for their authoring process, so I'll share this discussion as a part of the feature idea we're tracking. That way we'll be able to update you here if this is added to our roadmap! 

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