Closed captions using toggle button that stays on top

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to figure out a way to combine having a toggle button that shows/hides a closed captions text box and having that toggle button stay on top, so that even during try mode simulations that toggle button always remains visible, and the closed captions text box will show/hide.  I'm wanting to do this with the slide master to avoid having to manually put that toggle button on every slide.

I've tried several ways of combining the techniques in  and Mark Cairn's post in, but the haven't gotten it to work consistently so that:

  • the closed  captioning text box doesn't show on the first slide until the user clicks the toggle button
  • the closed captioning text box  stays hidden or shown from one slide and scene to the next
  • the toggle button is always on the top layer of every slide
  • it works regardless of whether the slides are step-by-step slides, video on a single slide, or whatever.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Bob O'Donnell

John, Check this post out. Might be what you're looking for. The example story download might have what you need. When I was looking into CCing before I downloaded it. Seems to do what you want.

Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- Thanks for reaching out! This post may not be exactly what you have in mind, but toggling CC is discussed and I thought I would pass it on in case you wanted to take a look.

Also, it might be a bit easier for others in the community to assist if you were able to share your file. Please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you will be able to browse from there. :)

John Blum

Hi Chris,Thank you.  I already readthat post.  The techniques presentedwork, but they do not work on try-mode slides. I’ve come up with the workaround that the cc stays on or offthe entire course, and if the user wants to toggle the cc at any time, theyhave to go back to the first slide. Best regards, John

John Blum

You're welcome, Chris.
Being that closed captions and predefined variables have been need and requested by many, I hope they will be in Storyline 3, along with scene-level triggers and project-level triggers.  Currently there are only slide-level triggers and player triggers.  Having the ability to add at least one custom button the the player would also be a great help.
Thank you,