Code showing instead of score in assessment results slide

Aug 15, 2020

This is probably a really dumb question, but how do I get the %Results1.ScorePercent%%(%Results1.ScorePoints% points) and %Results1.PassPercent%%(%Results1.PassPoints% points) to not show up on the results slide and just show the actual score and passing score needed? That's what we see when we review the course in Articulate Review and I don't know what to do. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Jennifer,

It looks like you may have added added a second result slide somewhere along the way. Storyline variables must all be unique, so when you and additional results slides, Storyline adds variable for each result slide, with an incrementing count in the variable name. If you then end up deleting the first results slide, the remaining results slide remains attached to the modified variables. Therefore, the variable names on the front of the results slide must also match those variable names.


Jennifer Goulet

It's all figured out! It was such a simple thing all along and I was missing it. I'll share it here in case anyone else encounters the same thing. First of all, I think it's a result of the slide being brought over from an older template into a new template. That caused a "1" to be in the %Results1.ScorePercent%%(%Results1.ScorePoints% points) sequence on the Pass and Fail Results slides. But in the variables in the new template there was only Results.ScorePercent and Results.ScorePoints without the 1, so all I needed to do was delete the 1 from the Pass and Fail slides that got brought in. Once the 1 was removed, the percentage displayed as it ought to! 

Thanks to those who responded and tried to help me out!

The offending 1s

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