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Aug 24, 2020

Hi All,

The course that I am creating in storyline is quite long. To make it manageable, I divided these chapters in different scenes so that all the relevant slides are grouped together. However, the menu in the preview mode looks very busy. The menu doesn't collapse in the preview mode. I am hoping to change the settings to make the menu appear like this (see attached) in the preview mode. Also, I would like only that section to open up that the user is currently using instead of entire menu opening up. Is there a way to achieve this experience for the users?

Many thanks in advance.


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Dave Cox

Select Player from the ribbon. 

Then select Menu from the window that opens

At the bottom of the menu panel, select the gear icon to open the menu options. From there check Auto-collapse menu as learner prgresses.

Then go into the displayed menu panel, and twirl closed all of the menu items. After you do that, the menu should default to all items collapsed.


Daniel King

Hello Dave,

Thank you for taking time to provide me with a solution. I followed these steps and noticed that the "Auto-collapse menu as learner progresses" was already selected. (see image attached).  I did go into the displayed menu panel, to twirl close all of the menu items. However, when I preview nothing really changes. I still see a long menu display on the left. I wonder what am I missing?


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