Collision detection

Feb 05, 2016

Does anyone have any info or advice on how to handle this. I've been banging my head on a wall for the past 2 days now trying to think on how to tackle this. Staring at the triggers for hours is not working for me lol. Maybe i'm over thinking it, does anybody know how to get the position of an object in Storyline ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deez,

Are you looking to gather the XY position of an object like the coordinates? I know it's been mentioned before and it's not a current functionality of Storyline - but you may be able to work with the work around detailed here. 

Hope that helps - and you could always reach out to members in that forum thread for additional information or ideas. 

Mike B.

There is a thread around somewhere with a "Missile Command" demo, but I can't locate the thread. I had saved the original author's .story file, so I'm attaching it here. Credit to original author, whoever you are! :)   Hopefully there is something in that project that will help you.

I found that original thread, and found that the creator did not post the .story file. Please contact him directly to get it:

Eric Isaksson

Ah, the guy used sliders for both asteroids and space ship and when the slide values meant the objects were close to each other the damage variable was activated. Nothing less than blood genius!

What’s a deep space asteroid dodging game without any risk?  To detect if the space craft and asteroid are colliding, I added a trigger that would add to a “damage” variable when the variable for that asteroid changed IF the asteroid was within a certain range and the variable for the space craft was within a certain range. This formed a kind of box. If the two numbers were inside the box then the user takes damage, if not then nothing happens. It isn’t perfect, but I couldn’t find any alternatives.

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