Color for hyperlinks

Apr 01, 2013

This is part  of the description for the colors used by Hyperlink:


  • Hyperlink is the color used for text to which you apply hyperlinks.
  • Control 1 is the hover color for buttons, and the hover color on answer choices for quiz questions.
  • Custom 1 is the default fill color for buttons.
  • Custom 2 is the default color for the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 3 & 4, and the dot on radio button styles 3 & 4. 

Which option is used for a followed hyperlink - PowerPoint lets you select a color for a followed hyperlink.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ejuana,

Visited hyperlink colors aren't supported at this time. However, you could create states for the text that give the appearance of a visited or followed hyperlink. 

Here's an example

 In the meantime, I'd go ahead and submit a feature request to see it in future builds.


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