Combining quizzing results with totalscore variable

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Hi there, I'm creating a branching scenario where a correct choice will result in a score. I am using a variable totalscore to add the scores and do a pass/fail at the end (I'm basing my work on this template.)

I would also like to include quizzes as part of the module, but when I insert a quiz slide and a results template, the  only scores that appear are the quizzes - it looks like I would have to report the scores from the branching scenario separately and I am not sure if I can.  (I can't do the branching scenario questions as a multiple choice because I need more than one correct/incorrect choice (as far as I know).)

I have created some drag and drop activities that I am scoring using variables but it's pretty fiddly compared to a quiz slide.

Is there a way of combining the scores from standard quiz slides and the scores from my totalscore variable?






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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Annemarie! Thanks for your post. :)

Have you added a variable reference for the totalscore variable on the results slide? Here's how to use variable references in Storyline:

  1. Insert any text-based object, including text boxes, captions, shapes, and so on.
  2. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Reference.
  3. The References window will appear, showing a list of variables in your project. Select the variable you want to reference and click OK.

In Storyline, variable references appear as the name of the variable with a percent sign (%) before and after it. When you preview or publish, variable references will be replaced with the actual values of the variables they represent.

To add the sum of the totalscore variable and the quiz score variable, take a look at the steps lined out in this thread. I hope this is helpful!

Nupur Khurana

Thanks Alyssa but these solutions didn't help.  The in the attached thread was the most appropriate as that was about adding variables.  It didn't work for me because the two variables I am trying to add - one is a total score of all the branching and the other is the %results.scorepoints% that automatically adds all the quizzes.  See attached screen shot.

When I try to create a trigger to add these, neither of these appears as a variable in the trigger wizard.

The other option in the thread about creating 3 different result slides wouldn't work either as the quizzes are integrated into one of the paths.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks and regards

Nupur Khurana

Thanks Alyssa

I've stripped the file of the content and attached - there are some slides that you score points as part of a branching scenario and others that you score points from completing a quiz .  For the latter, points get added to a %totalscore% variable when an option is selected and the timeline starts on a new page or later. 

I have a pretty messy results page where I have mucked around with references trying to combine the quiz results and the total score results.

Thanks again!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Annemarie,

Thanks for sharing your file! I compared your result slide triggers to the triggers in the file Phil shared here, and I added these triggers that will calculate the sum of %TotalScore% and %Results.ScorePoints%.

There is one thing I still need your help on. What slide should add points to the %TotalScore% variable?

Nupur Khurana

That's fantastic Alyssa!  thanks so much for your help.

Totalscore gets added when the timeline starts on slide 1.4 and on layer attached to 1.6.

It didn't calculate the score when I tried adding Total score - so instead I used the total score to calculate all the scores at the end and allocated individual scores to each question (see below) which worked nicely!

I think where I went wrong in the first place was that when I was using combinedtotal to add all the other variables I had assigned it as a text variable (just realised that now) and it was not letting me add the results.score.points variable.

You are definitely my elearning hero!