Combo Lock Interaction Issue

Aug 15, 2022

Hello - An ex-colleague used a template they found on this site that is a 3-code combination lock. It is a strong interaction for the training we have it in but I found a break in it's function that I cannot resolve. Going back to the (now dead) original forum the colleague got the template from, I do not see a resolution for the issue either so I am seeing if fresh minds may be able to help. 


The process for this interaction is to have the user answer 3 questions, each of which provide a code to input into the combination lock. Users answer the question correctly and get 1 piece of the code, is brought back to the combo lock, they interact with the lock to chose the code they just received and move on to the next question. If the user inputs the wrong code, then they cannot proceed. Straight forward. 


The issue is if the user accidentally enters the wrong code for the 1st or 2nd slot (they know the code at this point but forget it or slip when interacting with the lock and select something incorrect), try to submit they will get the "incorrect code, please try again" message and the lock appears to reset. They are able to restart the interaction but when they go to the first question, the answer is already answered (from their initial attempt), they can click back to the combo lock but now all the original code inputs are there with no ability to correct the code inputted into slot 1 or 2. 

I have attached the scene here if anyone is able/willing to take a look! The answers to the 3 questions are as followed:

Q1 - Energy
Q2 - BRP 20:20
Q3 - All of the above

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John Morgan

Hi, Kyle!

Good news! I think I fixed the issue you are having. I added a "Restart course" trigger to your "Incorrect Code" slide. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the "Incorrect Code" layer
  2. Create a new trigger to "Restart course" when "User clicks" "Rectangle 2".

This reset the course so all your dials are "0".

Take a look below:

Adding a Restart course trigger

Note: The video has no audio and includes a course preview.

Thanks for reaching out!

Kyle Schlenker

John - I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write this out and make the video. Your answer does provide a solution I was unable to get to with a few caveats. I had to also place each question slide to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state". With your suggestion and this update, I can get it to work as desired! 

...but, and this is my fault for not fully clarifying, the Story file I uploaded here was a scene pulled from a larger course. So, the "Restart Course" trigger does end up restarting the whole course which is not desired. I don't see a "Restart Scene" option, do you know if that exists or something that could accomplish this? 

Kyle Schlenker

John - I was able to figure it out! The jump to scene trigger wouldn't work with this set up and I don't think I would be able to articulate (no pun intended) how I resolved it but if anyone ever visits this thread in need of a solution, I will do my best!

Thank you for getting me on the right track with this.