Community Vote on Feature Requests?

Jun 21, 2012

Note:  I have read the Feature Request Process Word of Mouth Blog posting and have already submitted some feature requests.

I understand that the final decision about what feature requests to implement is Articulate's.  However given the creativity that I've seen from this community would it be possible to provide a mechanism (e.g. Bugzilla) so we as a community can:

  • see what requests have already been submitted
  • express our support for requests that "add value to significant percentage of customers"

I'd love to have the opporunity to express my support for feature requests such as the crusade (Gerry's?) for better bullet/text support.

If a similar mechanism already exists (and not the "I submitted a feature request for X posts") please feel free to point me in the right direction.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, thanks for the "crusade" words.   I expect Articulate will do something there to help us all, as this knowledge base article hints at:

I, for one, am perfectly content with how Articulate does things now.  It's a very competitive industry and they need to keep things "close to the vest" sometimes.

I'd hate to see any public vote become free research for their competitors.

Phil Mayor

Happy with how Articulate works on this, requests are collated internally  You only have to look at what storyline offers the majority of requests in the forums for additions to presenter were put into storyline.

I would suggest if you want a feature added, put in a request and give a real world situation where it can be used, or how it would improve your workflow, the developers listen

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