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Nov 11, 2021

I am new to storyline

Hello, is there a way i can asses answers submitted by learner on 2 different slides for eg. slide 1 answer A and slide 2 answer b if both the answer are correct i would like to give score for third question which learner does see. that would be if A and B is correct then learner gets 3 points. slide 3 is not a question slide for learner


Thanks in advance



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Addi!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like there are three slides. The first two have to be answered correct for the learner to answer the third. If the learner visits the third slide, then they'll receive 3 points. Is this correct?

You'll want to make sure to include three questions slides and a Results Slide. Here's a sample story file where I've added a Pick One slide as the third slide which allows you to add points to the third slide.

Let me know if I'm off base!

Dharmesh Ramanandi

Thanks Lauren,

For your support actually i did not explain properly,

you are correct in total there are 5 slides

Slide 1 = Question 1, Slide 2 = Question 2,  Slide 3 = Question 3, Slide 4 =Question 4, Slide 5 = Question 5 and final Result slide

Now the scoring is

Q1= correct then 5 points, Q2= correct then 2 points, Q3 learner will not see, here Q3=if Q1=correct  and Q2=correct then 3 points,  Q4= correct=4 points and Q5= if answer text count >80 character then 3 points

here now Q1correct = 5, Q2 correct =2 points total 7 points

now Q3 if q1 and q2 correct then 7+3 =10 points

Q3 = if Q1 incorrect and Q2 correct then  2+1 points total 3 points

Q3 = if Q1 incorrect and Q2 incorrect but the answer for Q1 and Q2 are paring  then 2 points total point =2

so total score case1 - 5 points + 2 Point + 3 Points = 10

so total score case 2 - 0 points + 2 Point + 1 Points = 3

so total score case3- 0 points + 0 Point + 3 Points = 3

I hope now i am clear what exactly is to be done

Thanks in Advance


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Addi!

Thank you for adding those additional details! It sounds like you're looking for a way to manually control the scoring which can be done. Since you can't adjust the default scoring variable, Results.ScorePoints, then you'll want to send another variable to your LMS to track the manual scoring. Here's how to send the value of a variable to an LMS. 

Here's a quick screen recording where I've walked through another method to manual scoring. I've also attached an updated version of the Storyline 360 project that I sent previously. I hope other community members will chime in if they've found other manual scoring methods.