Comparing survey results in a results slide

I have a two question survey and I'd like to have a slide that compares their answer.

Question 1 - (drag and drop sequence) " Place these items in order of importance to you"

Question 2 - (drag and drop sequence) " place the same items in order of time spent on each item"

I'd like the results slide to show the two ordered lists for the learner to compare.  Is this possible?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ari,

i am not sure of a way to have a drag and drop results show on a results slide, but could you make the questions into a text entry? You could have then enter the items in order in separate text entry boxes, then have a reference to the textentry variables show within 2 text boxes on the results slide.

I m sure if someone has a way to do this with drag and drop, they will share as well :)