More drop items than targets

Oct 26, 2023

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a slide, in which the students have to chose 3 drag items out of six and place them correctly on three drop targets. I am working with a freeform-question now, and have assigned the three drag items to the three drop targets, the other drag items have been left <none>. But this is not working at the moment. The wrong items don't snap back in place (return to initial state is activated), and the states don't fit as well. The results are all messed up. Something's wrong, but at the moment I have no idea what that is...I'd appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!

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Chris Duerden

Hi Verena!

Frustratingly, although there is an option for incorrectly dropped items to return to their original position if they are not dropped in the correct place, there is no inbuilt way to return them to their original positions AFTER a submit button has been pressed.

We could ask the button on the try again layer to reset the while slide, which would return all objects back to their original position, but this is probably frustrating for our learners as they would lose the position of any objects they dropped correctly.

Here is my idea:
If an object is dropped incorrectly (so has a Drop Incorrect state) then we add some triggers on the Try again slide to move any object on the Try Again layer along some motion paths, which maually return them to their original positions when the layer closes. Any correctly dropped objects would stay on the drop targets as the trigger has a condition; it will only move an object if the state is Incorrect Drop

I've attached my changes. The object Klarinette_2 is the only object I have made changes to but you can duplicate across to the other objects. You can check the triggers described above on the Try Again layer, and again duplicate for any other objects you wish to return to their original position.

Finally - in Question Tools > Drag and Drop Options in the ribbon, I have unticked the 'Delay item drop states until the interaction is submitted' option so everything has to wait until the user clicks Submit.

Here is a quick recording of everything working as it should (my motion path isn't as precise as it could be but you can make it better I'm sure!)