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Feb 13, 2020


I'm very new to Storyline so please assume nothing!

I am trying to create a drag and drop quiz where there are several drag items and several drop targets.

One of the drop targets can contain four drag items but only three of the four are correct.

If the user submits the quiz with the wrong item in the target I need them to see the 'Incorrect - please try again' layer.

Only when they have dragged all of the correct items to all of the correct targets do they see the 'Correct - well done!' layer.

Struggling with this and any help is greatly appreciated.





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Blue Kearsley

Hello, welcome to the forums.

When setting this up, in your form view, each of your 'drag' items needs to be added, even if they're not being dropped anywhere. It's just so the system is aware of which items are required to interact. I tend to using naming conventions for drag & drop so that I know drag 1 goes to drop 1. Or drag 1, drag 2,  drag 3 and drop correct, drop incorrect. I do this so it makes it easier when using multiple draggable items.

Then, in the question settings, need to be sure that it states how many attempts the learner has. In order to 'try again', there needs to be more than 1 attempt. Beyond 1, the system will automatically add the correct, incorrect and try again layers.

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