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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kay and welcome to Heroes!  

I'm not familiar with that CMS - but I also haven't seen a .gz file in the Storyline published output? Or does your system need a .gz file? Have you tested publishing Storyline (using the free trial if you haven't purchased it yet) and then sending the published output to your LMS manager or uploading it? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kay,

The .gz file type was not one I was familiar with, so I checked with a few colleagues and they said that "gzip produces files with a .gz extension. Gunzip can decompress files created by gzip, compress or pack. The detection of the input format is automatic." Further information about that can be found here.  So it sounds like whatever program (gunzip or 7-zip are common ones) you're using to zip the published output is translating it to that file type. Do you use the built in "zip" button in the publish successful window or do you zip it on your own? Could you look into how it's zipping? Also, could you provide your IT team with the unzipped published output folder and let them handle it from there? 

Adam Griffiths

Hi Kay,

Apologies for replying to this 3 months after the initial post date. My name is Adam and I work at Zengenti, the company behind Contensis CMS. It's my job to write all documentation for Contensis as well as Community Manager, helping people out with any issues they may have with our software.

Have you managed to sort the issue you had with the .gz file? If not, how are you publishing your storyline? If you publish to HTML5 you should be able to transfer this into Contensis fairly simply.

Also are you aware of our own support forums? They are located at support.contensis.co.uk and I get notified of new posts immediately, so we are able to respond in a much more timely fashion. There is also a brand new knowledgebase for Contensis (which I am responsible for the content of) located at zenhub.zengenti.com which should have a host of articles that will help you understand the system a bit better and how to bulk upload files.

Hope we can be of help to you.