HTML5 SCORM Content Displaying Incorrectly

Jul 27, 2020

We have published some content and deployed it to a client's CMS. The content was published as SCORM content and works perfectly in Edge but when it is run in IE it displays as attached. Has anyone seen this before? This same content has been deployed to other clients with no problem but this is the first time it has been deployed as a SCORM package. My suspicion is this is an issue with their CMS and not the Storyline content but I wanted to check with the wider community before I reported back.

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Joe Hauglie

Kai, I'm not sure it's a CMS issue (though you don't say which CMS the client is using); it looks to me more like an IE issue. I would test it in another browser (Chrome?) and see how it renders there. If you are pretty sure it is related to the CMS, try republishing it to SCORM 1.2 with the most generic settings you can determine - and for that, you probably need to work closely with someone on the client's side who is part of the support team.

Good luck!

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