Compatibility issue with Articulate and Jedi mind tricks

Mar 18, 2014

Ok, now that I have your attention...

I'm looking over the improvements made on Update 5 and I don't see anything related to the text issues we've been having. Text is not clear (looks fuzzy) when a course is published. I have been adding a blank variable (%x%) at the end of each text box as a work-around but this is really annoying and not efficient at all.

Also there are issues with text formatting. The text does not retain the selected font type or size and you have to re-select all the text and set the proper font and size frequently.

I appreciate all the fixes that are going in but I recall that the text issue has been ongoing since day 1 and that many members of the community commented about it. Can we please have this fixed? I can not publish a course where the text is fuzzy and difficult to read.

Is there a target date that you are looking to fix this? Will it be in the next update?

You want to help us and fix this issue. </JediMindTricks>

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter, 

The formatting of text and quality at publish continues to be something our team works on and they're aware it's a important issue for a lot of our users. There have been some fixes included in each update, but I'll include the comments in this thread in the report that is with our QA team currently about text control and formatting. 

In regards to your statement "The text does not retain the selected font type or size and you have to re-select all the text and set the proper font and size frequently."  I'm not sure I've seen that behavior and I'd be curious to know more about under what conditions it occurs? Some common troubleshooting items to keep in mind especially when working with text is to keep working on local project files, ensure the slide is set to 100% zoom and that you have your DPI set to 96.   There is also documentation here about how Storyline will handle pasted text  in case you're formatting it originally outside of Storyline. 

If there is something specific you'd like us to take a look at, you are always welcome to share the file here in the forums, connect with our Support engineers or I can send you directions on how to share it with me directly. 

We cannot offer a time frame for any feature enhancements or future release dates.

would also encourage you to subscribe to Gabe Anderson's blog,  follow us on Twitterand Facebook to stay up to date on all things happening at Articulate. 

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