Slide Layers Appearing "Fuzzy" on iPad w iOS7

Oct 11, 2013

Since the iOS 7 update to iPads, I have noticed a change in quality on the slide layers in my Storyline files. Although they did not appear this way prior to the iOS update, some slide layers now appear "fuzzy" and hard-to-read on an iPad 3 that is running iOS 7. The PC version looks fine and is not fuzzy whatsoever.

I have tried a number of different ways to reduce this fuzziness - publish quality (all the way up!), font color, font size, font itself, putting the text in an shape, in a text box, whatever I could think of - but nothing has seemed to improve this fuzziness.

Has anyone else experienced this, and has anyone found a method of reducing this fuzziness on slide layers?

Attached - 3 iPad screenshots that show the fuzzy/blurry layer; 1 PC screenshot with the same layer looking crystal clear.

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