Compelling learners to print a resource?

I believe I know the answer to this but my team "compelled" me to ask :-)

Is there a way to require or force participants to save or print a document attached to the training?  This is a security training and we will have a takeaway document in a Resource tab - but I don't think there's any way to require they save or print it.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Nandini Khandekar

Hi Cheri

Here is one way to do it. 

1. Assign a button to print/save the document.

2.Assign a T/F variable to the button and set it to True only when the print/save button is clicked.

3. Add a trigger to the navigation button(Next or any other button you are using to advance to the next slide) such that the navigation button will be in normal state only when the variable (from point #2) is True. Set the default state to Disabled or Hidden.

Regards, Nandini