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Jul 14, 2016

I am trying to print or email in one place, preferably a Word document, all the answers throughout a Storyline resource.

I have attached screen shots of some of the pages. When text is added to the slide, and the button selected the text is saved in a variable. One one slide I have a summary of all the variables to show the answers. The only problem is it will not fit on one slide.

I'd like to be able to print headings and responses in a Word document. Is that possible? Is there another way I can do this?



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Christine Hounsham

Hi Julie, If you made your questions and answers using the quiz templates you wouldn't need to go down the variable option.  Using a results slide, you could then use the 'Print Results' trigger.  This would have all questions, answers, scores listed in one place for printing.  

Attached is a copy of a print results output from one of my courses, fyi.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

If you have inserted them as quiz questions you won't be able to pull them into the standard print results that Christine showed - you could create them as questions as there is a "short answer" type of question. You could also look at using the variable reference to display the users answers on a particular slide, and then investigate using Javascript to print a screen capture of the Window. We have some general Javascript best practices here as it's not something our team can assist with. 

Paul Alders

Hi Julie, for a few weeks back I've shared a Java Script code that probably could be helpful to you. 

Attached you'll find a sample of a print from one of my own projects. Unfortunately it's in Dutch, but it will gif you an idea of the things that are possible with the code that you can find in the downloads.


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