Completion Issues Post Resume when using Results of Results slides

Feb 15, 2013


I have already opened a ticket (#00319074) for the issue I've outlined below.  My hope is that someone in the community may have a suggestion and/or workaround that I can use that will temporarily alleviate the issue my users are experiencing.

Technical Stuff

  •   * SumTotal LMS 7.6
  •   * SCORM 1.2
  •   * Published as FLASH only (no-HTML5 output)


We've developed two courses that contain an in-line assessment.  At the end of each lesson the user is asked to answer a range of questions.  After the questions have been answered, the user is presented with a Results Slide for that lesson.  One course uses a question bank, while the other one does not.

Once all the lessons have been marked complete, the user is taken to the course summary page and a final Results Slide that is used to return the completion score to the LMS.  The Results Slide is set to average the points of the previous slides instead of the "must pass" each Result slide option.


What we noticed after the course was posted and the users enrolled is the following functionality:

  • If the user takes the course in one sitting, the course will mark complete
  • If the user takes the course over multiple sittings, the course will FAIL to mark complete if he or she only visits the unviewed pages
  • If the user takes the course over multiple sittings, BUT touches every page upon returning to the course, the course will mark complete

Regardless of how the user exits the course, the Topic % complete value matches the final score presented to the user on the Final Results slide, so I know the completion  critieria is being maintained over multiple sessions.

Based on the debug logs I've examined, it looks like upon subsequent relaunches of the course that whatever triggers the blnStatusWasSet variable (or similar) is failing to recognize that the completion criteria has been satisfied.


  • Has anyone encountered a similar issue?
  • Does anyone have a work-around or global configuration setting that I make that will have minimal impact to our users?

Thank you.

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Sara Brondsema

I am having a similar, but not quite identical issue.

Like you, I am also having my learners complete a mini quiz at the end of each lesson.  There is also a "cumulative" results slide that averages the scores from the three mini quizzes.  When I publish, I tell Storyline that I want the recording and tracking to look at the cumulative results slide (with a passing score of 0).  I want my learners to be marked complete, regardless of their score.

The learners' scores are being passed back correctly to my SumTotal LMS, but they are never marked as "Passed" or "Completed."  It doesn't seem to matter if it's done in one sitting or multiple.

I have also tried publishing with each of the following options with the same result.

  • Complete/Incomplete
  • Pass/Incomplete
  • Pass/Fail
  • Complete/Fail

I'm stuck as to what I'm doing wrong.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Stephen - 

Provided you're just using Flash output, this should work:


By breaking up the second parameter, you can grab custom variables from Storyline to set scores or custom statuses.

var player=GetPlayer();

var customScore=player.GetVar("scoreFromSL");


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