Completion status not coming back to LMS after user fails quiz.

Oct 08, 2015

We recently implemented Absorb LMS. I created several eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline 2 that each have a quiz at the end and published as Tin Can. If the user fails the quiz, they get the Retry Quiz button which I have set to reset the quiz and take them back to the quiz.

We have TONS of instances where the user successfully completed the course (passed the quiz), but the LMS does not see the course as being completed. The vendor told me that their evalutation/testing showed that if the user failed the quiz, then retried and passed, then the LMS wasn't seeing the course as Complete. They told me the user would need to exit the course when they fail the quiz and then re-launch the course to take the quiz again.

That certainly doesn't sound right to me. Is there something I could check or do differently for the Retry Quiz button? And could this be a Tin Can thing and it might work in SCORM?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

It doesn't sound right to me either. Typically when it's an LMS issue we'll want to look at testing in SCORM Cloud, which does allow for testing of Tin Can content too. 

What about the scenario where the user passes on the first attempt - is that passed immediately to the LMS or do they need the set up of closing the course to pass the completion? 

Dave Robertson

Thanks for the info about the SCORM Cloud. I ran one of them through it and it worked just fine.  I'll attach it here.

I don't think it only happens when the user fails and then tries again. I've seen some cases where it appears they passed on the first try.  Again, this is happening about 6-7% of the time. With 2700 employees though (and 7 courses to date), that small percentage adds up :(

I've attached the zip file here if someone wants to take a look.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Dave - if it worked in SCORM Cloud that's a good indication it's not the course. Were you able to have any of the users who had difficulty test that link as well to confirm it worked for them too? 

For the percentage of users who are seeing the issue, can you determine any pattern in terms of browser they're accessing it through or the steps they go through to take the course? Have you reached out to your LMS Team to ask if they're aware of any issues or shared the results at SCORM Cloud? 

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