Completion Tracking: Number of Slides vs Quiz Results when a quiz is attached to the module

Apr 28, 2015

Hey there everyone! 

A client of ours is having a really hard time with something and we're having a hard time troubleshooting for them since we're not on-sight and sometimes it seems like we're not speaking the same language. So I thought I'd come to the experts and see if any of you have any insight :) 

They're using Skillport and no matter what settings we use for publishing their module, they can't get a Complete to show up in their system. Only "In Progress." 

They have a module with a quiz at the end of it, but they don't really care about quiz scores. They only want to track based on number of slides viewed and not quiz score.

Could this be screwing with the tracking results? If you have a quiz, do you *have* to track by quiz score, or shouldn't the "view all slides"? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ashley - It sounds like if they're tracking by total # of slides viewed, they're setting that to the total amount of slides, and missing one or more so that they're never hitting the completion point. Lightbox slides might be worth a look, or possibly even try setting the # lower than the max # of slide and see if that works. And it always a good idea to test in the SCORM Cloud as the industry standard. 


Will Findlay


A course that requires that you view all 20 slides to be marked complete (SCORM):

  • Someone gets to slide 10 of 20 on a course they launched in the LMS.
  • They exit the course.
  • The next day they launch the course again from the LMS and choose to start from where they left off (on slide 10).
  • They get to slide 20 and exit the course.
  • The course still shows In Progress.

Shouldn't Storyline be consistently recalling that they completed the first 10 slides in this situation? Or is there something an LMS might not be doing (or be blocked from doing) that could make Storyline not count the first ten slides?

I have set up several courses in our LMS that are set to be marked complete on viewing all of the slides minus 1 (I always give them a free slide).  Some users are reporting that they do not get marked as complete. I told one person who reported this to say no when asked to start from where they left off and page through all the slides, and that time it finally completed.



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