Computer specs, suggestions for new PC?

Greetings all -

I am thinking of heading out on my own (just quit my job!) and so love working in ST. My Mac died (OK, I killed it, dropped it) and I am thinking ... do I buy another Mac and run Parallels or similar, or perhaps get an iPad for personal use and a PC for work. I am comfortable with both systems, but am a Mac person at heart. 

System specs? If I get a PC, how much power would I need (let's say to run ST2 and Photoshop, a browser, etc.) Is ST2 a power hog? I don't recall having any problems with ST1 on my old work computer, and it was pretty old. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Amy -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! In addition to taking a look at this info sheet on System Requirements for SL2, here are a few other threads on a similar topic you may want to review:

Best Laptop Specifications for Storyline

PC Desktop Recommendations

Hopefully, others in the community are able to chime in with their recommendations, as well. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Albert,

Too much is difficult to say - as it'll depend on your specific needs and what else you'll be using and running at the same time as Storyline. If you think you'll be building a lot of heavier media course - you'll want to look at ensuring you more than exceed our minimum system requirements.