"Concentration" style picture reveal

Dec 19, 2012

I want to build an interaction in Storyline in which there is a screen full of squares in a grid.  The squares would have pictures or words on them and each one would have a matching square within the same grid.  As a simple example one square might have a picture of a cat and another might have the word "cat" written on it.  When the learner clicks on one square it would be highlighted and when he or she clicked on the matching square both would disappear.  If the second square did not match the first they would both remain on the screen.  As squares disappeared a picture would be revealed on the layer underneath.  This might be the next question on a quiz or a puzzle, etc. 

This is similar to the old "Concentration" game show.  I'm thinking I'll need to use layers and states but I just haven't been able to totally figure this out.  Any ideas?

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Steve Shoemaker

I made blue boxes (rectangle) on the base layer then added a layer and put a picture on that layer.  I added a trigger to one of the boxes that changes the state of the box to "hidden" when it is clicked.  When I preview it and click on the box the area where the box was changes to white (I guess that's hidden) but the part of the picture that is under the box doesn't show.  Just a white square where the blue box used to be.

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