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Apr 15, 2014


I'm trying to do a relatively simple interaction, but I just can't quite get it to work. I have three pictures of different vehicles, and three pictures of corresponding license plates for each type of vehicle. I want the user to drag and drop the proper plate onto the correct vehicle. Simple enough. Once they have dragged and dropped, I have a little character pop up saying they did it correctly etc. I'm using conditions to trigger the character, but I can't get him to pop up correctly. The trigger I'm placing on one of the plate pictures is 'change state of character to normal when object dragged and dropped, on condition the other two objects have been dragged an dropped properly. Should I have the condition on each plate picture? I've tired different combination, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Jerson  Campos

Couple of questions?

Did you convert this to freeform drag and drop?

If not, are you changing the state of the plates to drop correct through triggers?

Does your trigger look something like this

Action: Change state of

On Object: Character

To State: Correct response

when: Object dropped on

Object:  License plate

Dropped on:  Correct object

There could be a number of reasons for the trigger not activating. The first is that it may not be set up properly (order matters). Second, the trigger may not have been triggered by any events. Sometimes you have to give it push with some additional triggers and variables.

Best thing to do is read through the triggers one by one and see if its working they you want. Sometimes my triggers dont work because they are not in the right order or another action (like jump to slide) cancels any trigger after it.

If you can submit the file (just the slide), I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.


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