Dragging and Dropping Five Options-Character Should Change State to "Count"

Am I going to have to create 90 different triggers? I am hoping someone will know of an easier way. 

I have 18 characteristics in total, the user can pick any five that need to be dragged and dropped on my character. I want the character's state to change each time one is dropped, but I am thinking I have to create a variable for each object, then for each object already dropped? Or not? Any ideas more than welcome, I'm stuck! Thanks in advance!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

see attached - I've updated your file with a variable called count.  Each time an item is dropped onto Brian, the count adds 1.  Then I have a trigger to change Brian to state 1 if count=1, change Brian to state 2 if count=2

I have only applied this to the first row of 3 items.

Hope that helps.