States in drag and drop interaction

Oct 19, 2020

Hi All,

I need to create custom drag and drop interaction (I can't use submit interaction button - my case is out of scope of typical d&d). 

I've prepared a custom state "dropped" and changed the object to this state when I dropped on another object. And this works fine. But when I change my decision and move the object back (my object is already not placed on any object), the object is still on dropped state (should go to normal state). How could I manage this? What trigger should I add in order to return the object to normal state? 

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Developer Articulate

Thanks Mateusz. I've also tried this workaround but this makes other problems ie. when you drag item and touch other drop by mistake, object intersects executes, even object interesect ends executes. Here probably is neccesary to add some conditions but it takes ages and not sure if works properly. Therefore I abandoned this solution for the time being.