Drag and Drop - Reset Drop State on Freeform Slide

Jan 16, 2019

I'll try to make this as short and simple as I can.

See attached images for reference.

I have a freeform D&D slide. I am not making use of the built in interaction because I have more drag objects than drop areas. This is all trigger based.

Objects named "C(1-4)" are the correct drag items. I1 and I2 are incorrect. As you probably guessed, "D(1-4)" are drop targets. It all works fine if the learner drags any of the C1-4 drag items to any of the four D1-4 targets. It works fine if any incorrect drag object is dropped on a D target. The issue I am having is with someone who changes their mind before submitting their answers.

If an I1 or I2 object is dragged to a D target, the state of the drag item is set to Drop Incorrect. If the learner changes his/her mind and drags that object back, the state does not change back to normal. It remains in its Drop Incorrect state.

My triggers are built to set the state of an object as it is dropped on a target. How can I set the state back to normal if the learner changes their mind and drags it back (snaps back really)?



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