"Condition trigger" on Submit Results not working?


I have put a 'condition' on the Submit Results trigger that does not work....

I need to submit the results to the LMS only on 1st attempt and then on subsequent attempts ONLY if the score is a pass value (in this case 70%).

Trigger looks like this.

I have tested this in scormCloud LMS and basically the condition does not work. Storyline submits the results no matter what, even if i take this submit results trigger off completely! 

Anyone know why conditions won't work on results page code?

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Paul Knights

Hi Ashley, Yes no problem...pls see attached storyline file.

Hi Phil, I had thought as much but as storyline has built-in 'condition' statements i would have thought they would would work for the reporting as well. Seems a bit odd that code statements work for one thing and not another.

I still find it very odd that the 'results' are reported back to the LMS even without the statement being on a slide? Surely if the report statement is taken off it should not send the results otherwise the programmer has no control.

Phil Mayor

When you publish you decide how storyline reports that is irrespective of the content in the course.  All that triggers does is submit the results at that point.

As you chose to report by results slide when you close the course the javascript will fire and submit the report.

The player controls the course and displays the content the content cannot prevent the report being sent.  That said there are ways of overriding what is sent but normally this involves reporting by slide and then manually setting the score.  Or you could edit the javascript files to prevent this.

For that level of control you are looking at building your own content and using a Scorm wrapper, or editing the core files of the player.