Conditional and Shared Actions in Articulate Storyline or 2

Jun 03, 2015

I'm trying to decide if I should switch from Adobe Captivate 8 to Articulate Storyline or Articulate 2.  I'm somewhat familiar with Articulate Storyline, but haven't had thorough experience with it. My concern is Articulate (Storyline or 2) may not have what Captivate 8 calls "conditional actions" and "shared actions".   These actions are the bread and butter to what I develop.  Can anyone provide insight on this? Particularly those who have experience with Captivate's conditional and shared actions?  

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Michael Hinze

To replicate something remotely resembling a Captivate conditional action in Storyline, you will need to create several triggers with conditions and execute them in the right order. Depending on the complexity of the conditional action, that can quickly get rather complex in Storyline. There is no Storyline option to replicate a "shared action", comparable to Captivate. The closest you'll get to reusing/sharing Storyline triggers (aka "actions") are the options discussed in this thread here.  

I suggest you download a Storyline trial version and then try to recreate one of your most complex actions from Captivate. That should give you a better understanding for what's possible (or not) in Storyline.

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