Conditional Variables


I'm building an educational module. I have a menu scene that allows the learner to view 5 different scenes that have screen recordings, that they HAVE to watch. 

I have created a complete menu scene where I want the learner to view ONLY IF they have completed and watched all 5 screen recordings. 

My question is, how do I create a trigger that will bring the learner to the complete scene when they have watched all 5 screen recordings?

I have created a true/false variable for each of the 5 screen recordings.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you


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Richard Hill

hi Kaye -lani , Upon each video  layer (when media completes or perhaps when timeline ends ) make a trigger that adjusts its variable to True ( ie. video1Played = True)  Also make another trigger that  upon Media completes (jump to Complete Scene) which has the conditionals  if  video1Played = True  AND video2Played = TRUE AND video3Played = TRUE  ... video5Played = TRUE.   Make sure each video layer has both triggers and that the long trigger is 2nd..

Also make sure your variables are initially set to FALSE.