Conditions not working?

Oct 13, 2014

I have a gateway screen with four icons (each is a group of elements) leading to four branches. Learners need to click on each icon and visit that branch before going on to the next scene.

I set up conditions like always, with four off screen rectangles each corresponding to one icon. Initial state of rectangle is hidden. When users click on icon, the corresponding rectangle becomes normal. The trigger for the Next button has conditions that all four rectangle states must be Normal.

Yet it's not working - even after visiting all branches, the Next button does not take me forward. Help!

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This community is amazing! Thanks Michael!

I set a consistent order the way you describe and it worked like a charm. The curious thing is that on another gateway screen I have a consistent order but in reverse - the change state comes after the jump to triggers. That works fine too. So I'm guessing that the consistent order is important.

Appreciate the help!

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